Tuesday, 17 August 2010

last days of summer ♥ ♥ ♥

it seems like summer is leaving us sort of one day at a time, the days are getting less hazy and have more of a chill, i've found myself pulling out flannel shirts from the depths of my wardrobes and hastily shoving on socks in the middle of the night. so i wanted to do a post all about the loveliness of summer, late summer and things that remind me of it & to sort of hold on to it for as long as i can before transcending into the prettiness of autumn, which i love don't get me wrong but am i ready to swap Pimm's for hot chocolate, to trade thin floral tea dresses for peter pan collar wool ones? (i could live with that, probably) i don't know yet.
the virgin suicides
marie antoinette
things i like about summer
floral scented hot afternoon baths
braided hair
ice lollies
open windows
bare feet and summer dresses
sunriseshazy gardensthe feel of a soft blanket on grass

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