Tuesday, 17 August 2010

autumn ♥ ♥ ♥

img source: weheartit
i am extremely excited about autumn! because autumn is awesome! you read your favourite book under a blanket in a book corner with a hot cup of tea, you can watch your favourite films all snuggled under a duvet with a steaming hot chocolate (+whipped cream &marshmallows!!!) there's long autumn walks with the crunch, crunch under your lovely new autumn boots! you get to bring out all your lovely knitted scarfs, layer up with colourful cardis, pull on warm tights & smudge on pinky peach blush to keep those rosey cheeks all day long!
watched the super autumn episode of Charlie & Lola last night and it got me feeling all cosy and craving a lovely hot chocolate!there are some super gorgeous autumny prints at http://abbytryagain.bigcartel.com/
these bottom 3 images belong to abbytryagain


Katyha said...

OOooo I love your little blog and your illustrations are so beautiful. I love Charlie & Lola too! and I love the crunching noise of autumn leaves...but I on the other hand am looking forward to spring starting. I am so happy I found your blog :D

curethisheart said...

thanks lovely :) charlie and lola and autumn are really nice things and i'm glad we both enjoy them! spring is wonderful too, i remember getting all excited about it this year! really lovely to hear you like my blog & illustrations

Natasha x

Nina Lindgren said...

oh, i do also love atumn and im looking forward to it so much!

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