Wednesday, 16 December 2009

lovely things in 2009♥

moved into a new flat♥
dyed my hair pink♥ Kings of Leon in Manchester for Matt's birthday♥
lovehearts drawn in the sky in february♥
i turned 21♥ making art♥
tea parties♥
watching 500 days of summer at the cinema♥
lovely tea & polaroids!♥
rewatching pretty movies over and over again♥
cute found photographs♥
i've lived in checked shirts all year long♥
some lovely winter & summer inspiration from some of my favourite illustrators from this year♥
sally faulkner's happy happy illustrations♥

gemma correll's lovely what i wore today drawings♥
melissa castrillon's floating ladies♥
amanda blake's sweet seaside scenes♥
julia pott's cute bears in woolly jumpers♥

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