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Happy August lovelies! This month I'm so excited to share with you a super awesome             interview with the darling, cat-admiring, pastel-loving, crazy talented illustrator extraordinaire Harriet Gray! Grab yourself a cup of tea as we discuss being your own boss, kittens, pineapples and their awesomeness, lipstick and green tea!  

As an illustrator, what would be your dream commission?
I’d really love to be given a whole wall to cover in sweet little drawings of kitties! 

Tell us more about your wonderful illustration world, Hello Harriet
I run Hello Harriet single-handedly from my home studio in Winchester, UK. In my shop you will find cute products like temporary tattoos and nail transfers all of which feature my delicately detailed drawings. At the moment I spend my time packing up your lovely orders, avoiding emails, fretting over my never ending to do list, and blogging over at I’m also currently working on a new range of products, which will include kitty dresses … I’m quite excited about them! 

What does your perfect day consist of?
Waking up to a tidy house instantly makes me happy! If I could have plenty of green tea, banana pancakes and fresh pineapple for breakfast I’d be pretty thrilled. And then, if I found out someone had given me a little kitty {or two} to play with, I’d probably explode. 

What's your favourite sweet treat?
Oh, I have *the* sweetest tooth .. so basically any kind of cake will keep me happy. Though I would give up all the cake in the world for pineapple. Pineapple always wins. 

What do you love most about what you do?
I love that I am my own boss, that I can get up whenever I like and can wear pyjamas all day if I want to. It’s not all sweetness and roses though, working for yourself is tough, honest! One of the very best things about running my own business {especially when I’m having a particularly stressful day} is seeing how much my customers love what I do. It’s so awesome when someone tweets me to say they’re wearing one of my tatts, or tags me in an Instagram photo of the rad manicure they’ve just finished using my nail transfers … it makes me so super happy!  

Do you have a favourite tea?
I can’t function without green tea. {Preferably one infused with pineapple}.

What pretty magazines | books adorn your bookshelves?
I have such a random mix on my bookshelf! I’m not ashamed to say some are there just for the pretty covers, but mixed in amongst those are some of my favourites like Popshot magazine, Rob Ryan’s 'This is for you’, Harriet Russell’s ‘Envelopes’ and the ever useful ‘Manage your day to day’ by 99U. I also have some old classics from my childhood hidden in there too. 
I’ve recently been taking advantage of my Father’s excellent taste {and extensive library!} and have been borrowing books from him ~ currently I’m ready Fahrenheit 451, it’s quite brilliant!

What is your favourite thing to wear?
Lipstick! Clothes-wise, you’ll probably find me in skinny jeans and a tank top, but I am quite partial to a cute dress too {weather permitting}.

Do you have any favourite blogs you like to read?
I really admire these blogs : Leah Goren, Scathingly Brilliant, and Audrey Jeanne


Where do you take your inspiration from?
It’s always hard to pinpoint exactly where inspiration comes from. I have big love for Pinterest, though if I’m not careful it can consume whole days! If I’m ever in a creative rut I try to steer clear of anything digital, as it’s just too easy to get sucked into mindlessly refreshing Twitter & Instagram! 
As simple as it sounds, I always feel inspired and ready to work after being outside and getting some fresh air. Another sure fire way for me to feel super inspired is to meet up with some of my creative pals, hearing what awesome things they’ve been up to really spurs me on! 

Favourite place to visit?
Basically, anywhere where there is a cat.

Any advice for anyone starting their own business | blog?
Take things one step at a time, brilliant things take time to grow. Enjoy the process and learn from mistakes, if you’ve chosen something you love this shouldn’t be too hard. 

Keep in touch with Harriet, she tweets loads of funny stuff, her website is awesome & her instagram and pinterest are addictive! A massive thank you to Harriet for talking to Velvet Wolves and sharing some illustration loveliness!

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