Wednesday, 11 June 2014


Untitled #52

Listening | The Pretty Reckless, love getting back in tune with my rock roots, hello fifteen year old me

Wearing | Black vests, lace ones, scalloped ones, plain ones, they're perfect for the summer, jelly shoes, I don't own this rather delicious looking watermelon pair but I have some black ones from Primark which were an absolute steal at £4, white nail polish, love this look with a tan, even though I'm actual milk bottle white.

Watching | Documentaries, anything really, especially if it has Karl Pilkington in it. Really want to see more of the Oprah interviews, Kimberley told me about the Lindsey Lohan one and Estee mentioned the Pharrell Williams one in her blogs

Drinking | Oh sweet lord, watermelon and coconut water from M&S, it's what mermaids must drink.

Admiring | Angelina Jolie, she's just amazing, I love all that she does and think her hard work for #timetoact is just incredible, awareness campaigns like these are imperative to changing all the terrible things that happen in the world

Reading | The Virgin Suicides, adore this book.

Doing | wedding planning, illustrating, it's a full time job and someone's gotta do it, in between that bubble baths with lots of cinnamon bubble bath & candles, can you tell I miss Autumn?!, fresh air in the garden, doing laundry and housework

Hope you're all having a lovely week, summer is finally here! Hurraaahhh! Looking forward to lots of yummy barbecues, drinks in the garden, walks in the forest and playing with our new rabbit, Pip

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