Friday, 11 April 2014


Untitled #38

Untitled #38 

001 saturday nights lately | Since subscribing to netflix we've been finishing off tv shows that we'd started watching. One I've been desperate to finish was season 2 of AHS, Asylum because I'm dying to see season 3, Coven. So it's amazing, if not a little graphic, no spoilers but definitely don't eat when you're watching it! The cast are amazing and Sarah Paulson was definitely my favourite in season 2, her character Lana Winters was the heroine you were desperate to survive until the end, although Lily Rabe as Sister Mary Eunice was also incredible! 

002 Reusable Starbucks cups with my favourite tea, currently Yorkshire Gold. I'm gonna have to purchase more of my all time favourite, Teapigs everyday brew because it's awesome and I miss it. 

003 Topshop nail polishes are a welcome edition to nights in, this one in Cloak and Dagger matched perfectly with endless episodes of AHS

004  In other news, we've booked our lovely wedding, I've been making lists and collages, would you like to see wedding related blog posts? Leave me a 'hell yeah' in the comments if you would. 

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