Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Desk essentials, edition #2

As an illustrator I'm always at my desk, listening to radio one all day or my favourite soundtrack of choice and have an array of rotating necessities on its snow white surface.

Water, oh yeah it's simple but it's definitely needed! I need to keep hydrated throughout the day and it's much healthier than pop. The sun comes in through my studio window in the mornings so I feel like this is the number one thing I need to function early in the day.

Hand Maid from Soap & Glory, I love this little bottle of pink loveliness, it keeps my hands fresh and smelling nice (erm...), it's also great for an impromptu nail polish application as it dehydrates the nail in prep for some serious pampering.

Pens, a random selection. Well, not so thrown together actually, they're all in there for different purposes, note-making,  illustrating, diary entries, addressing envelopes.

Cherry Carmex, ohh you saviour, you! There's a constant need to keep chapped lips at bay and this is my current lip balm of choice, it's cherry flavour too!

What's your favourite desk essentials? Have you got any tips for working from home?

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