Tuesday, 25 March 2014


Past weekends lately have been impromptu picnics, woodland walks, sneaky dairy ice creams and visits to pretty places (potential wedding venues & inspiration treasure troves) There's something lovely about the english countryside and even lovelier when it's literally on your doorstep.

A few Sundays ago we travelled to Norwood park which isn't very far for us and it was just gorgeous. They were holding a wedding fayre and we'd never been to one before so it was all new and exciting. Floral wallpaper, homemade cakes and gorgeous quintessential english charm, it had it all. All the people there were super lovely too and talking about ways to pin flowers into hair and which ice cream we might have, tasting little segments of wedding cake and looking at darling photography made it seem much more real.

We just have to get something booked, but it's easier said than done when pennies are few. It was such a lovely weekend though and we had lots of fun attempting silly pictures in the ground while the wind whipped through our hair. Hello, spring.


ensembledeux said...

I love your blog! The pictures keep bring me back, I love them! :)


Natasha ♥ said...

thanks Precious, you're so kind! Your blog is awesome! x

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