Thursday, 22 September 2011

Three of my favourite magazines, Oh Comely, LOVE magazine & Company High Street Edit which I've been reading lately, with a nice cup of tea (usually wearing a thick pair of tights and wrapped in a blanket- why is it sooo cold lately?!) I also must get the new NYLON & Lula too ♥ 

What are your favourite magazine reads? 

Happy Thursday Lovelies!

Natasha ♥ 


Raffles Bizarre said...

Great choice of magazines! I miss having money and spending ridiculous amounts of magazines a month! Love was always one of my favs with Nylon and Wonderland.

Natasha ♥ said...

Thank you lovely, they're gorgeous mags aren't they? I know I have to treat myself sparingly but it's lovely to have an hour or so with a nice magazine & cup of tea :)

have a lovely weekend sweetie x

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