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THE LOVELY LILY of Redbrick Lipstick was kind enough to share her answers to my rather long list of questions I thought you'd like to hear.

1. I know you're very fond of your red lipstick, red brick lipstick to be precise, if you could treat yourself to any brand which shiny lovely would you pick my dear?
Something Chanel related, in my eyes it's so classic just like red lipstick. And maybe because of the origin of the lipstick something a little deeper and matte. 

2. What would you order from Starbucks?

Caramel Latte, they are the yummiest! 

3. What pretty magazines adorn your bookshelves?

There are a few because I devour magazine after magazine making notices and studying writing pieces. Vogue is the messiah if you like which could be rather mundane but I've never found anything else like it. The pile of Wonderland magazine is vastly growing, the odd Flux, Cooler which is a cross between surfing, fashion and photography and I'm getting in Love magazine.

4. If someone was starting up photography and they wanted to make their pictures super pretty, what advice would you offer them?

Light! There is something about a sunlight summers eve photographed in a picture that makes me melt. And also mess around with curves on editing softwares there is so much to be done and achieved from raining days in, boredom and photo editing sites like picnik.
5. If you made a mixtape what would music you put on it?

Oh, I love this question. 

1. The Smiths - There is a light that never goes out 

2. First Aid Kit - When I Grow Up (cover) 

3. Air - Playground Love

4. Jamie T - Emily's Heart

5. Mystery Jets - After Dark

6. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - Home
7. First Aid Kit - Tangerine
8. MGMT - Time to Pretend
9. The Stokes - I'll try anything once 
10. The Kooks - Seaside

6. What is your most favourite thing to wear?

I've fallen in love with wearing head scarfs in a little bow, but I'll always stay faithful to my Topshop leather plaited belt that's my all time favourite. And clothing wise I love my nautical navy tee and denim a-line skirt.

7. What does your perfect day consist of?

I love this question too! Okay, so up early-ish (I'm a early bird!) Showered and dressed in something sweet and practical for the day ahead. Then set of to the town of Oli's hometown and charity shopping, for maybe a couple of hours. We'd have to pop into the wonderful treasure trove of an antique shop that is just a mess it's just amazing. From boxes of old photographs and letters to ice skates it's all so intriguing and I could easily spend days it in looking through everything. I think one of my favourite parts of the shop is the room at the back which is filled with pianos, records, boxes of music sheet and record players. It makes me want to be able to play the piano and play there for hours. Then down the road to Ross-On-Wye and to the adorable cafe Hunky Dory for mussels! Then take the rickety and rather expensive (that probably isn't "perfect", but it is expensive!) bus back to Oli's house and walk to the the river for a candle lit picnic with blogging friends equipped with macaroons and pugs (Marie Antoinette style!) but also polaroids, swimmers and film camera galore.

8. Which places do you think are the prettiest?

My favourite place is London, but it's not particularly pretty, Richmond Park is with the deer but there are other places too. Probably the Mumbles, its an adorable seaside town in the South of Wales, idyllic in fact. Days at the beach followed by other visits to beaches were you meet all the local dogs and eccentric people, it's also been sunny every time I've been so that's a plus! Here are two blog posts full with pictures of it Although some of the pictures like the seaside hotels are more the Swansea sea front then the Mumbles. 

9.  Do you have a favourite tea?

 Rooibos, it makes me feel really healthy because I can have it without any milk or sugar! Although I did love the Darjeeling tea you sent me too! 

 VELVET FEATHER GUN NECKLACE by Ella Masters {image belongs to Ella}
RUBY RAE LOVE LAPIS LAZULI TEARDROP NECKLACE by Ella Masters {image belongs to Ella}

10. Which are your favourite online shops?

Hands down and forever more anything Ella Masters owns!

11. I'm loving the 'What Lily Loves This Season' are there any autumnal fashion tips you'd be kind enough to share?
I can't really think of many! Although even those posts include pieces from Topshop, other high street shops and designers always check charity shops!  

12. What are your most treasured books?
My most treasured book is Mario Testino Front Row Backstage, then The Photo Book and The Virgin Suicides.

13. Which films would you most like to snuggle up watching?

Romeo and Juliet, Marie Antoinette and The Virgin Suicides 
14. Do you have any favourite etsy shops?

Unfortunately not, I've never shopped on etsy! 

15. Where do you take your inspiration from?

I feel like I'm very inspired and I get it from everywhere but I don't always channel it. A lot of the time the film the Virgin Suicides inspires me and how girls grow up. A lot of 'indie' magazines and people I talk to also help me out a lot with photos and blog posts too. 

16. Who are your favourite artists/photographers?

My favourite photographers are Tim Walker, Mario Testino and Nirrimi Hakanson 

17. Do you have any favourite blogs you like to read?
I love to read Lucid Dreams it's probably my favourite blog at the moment although I'm dying for an ultimate favourite blog with a mixture of everything.

18. Can you point us to any other pretty photographers?
Of course! Matt Caplin, Juergen Teller, Ann He, Hanna Kristina and Saga Sig. 

19. If you could have afternoon tea with anyone, who would it be?
This'll sound really odd but my friend Grandma Jean, she's the ultimate Grandma and friend even, I've blogged about her before actually. She's just so kind hearted and we talk about fashion, textiles, and photography all day what could be better then a cup of tea in her wonderful house and a chat with an effortlessly chic lady like Jean. She tells me about exhibitions to visit and textiles books to read, she's just so inspiring.

20. And finally, what did you last dream about?
Thinking about it, I haven't dreamt in a while! Although I do wonder is it because reality is just as good at the moment and my dreams will return when things get harder?

Lily's lovely blog can be read here, it's full of pretty pictures, wonderful blog posts and inspiration ♥ 
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Anonymous said...

Thank-you for this Natascha! It was really fun I loved the questions xxx

Raffles Bizarre said...

Fantastic post! Great questions and interesting answers from Lily.
Look forward to more of these! :D

Natasha ♥ said...

You're welcome Lily! Ha thanks for answering my uber long list!

Thank you lovely, glad you liked the post so much :) yes hopefully more to come! :D xx

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