Thursday, 7 April 2011


Apologies my lovelies for lack of posts but I've been moving and the internet isn't so good,well not out in the countryside anyway! I've been drawing in the garden, drinking tea (surprise surprise!), woke up to a few lovely sales in my etsy shop made me very happy, obsessing over Lady Gaga and Ke$ha, painting my nails galaxy colours, making friendship bracelets- ever since Kimberley and Amy taught me I've been addicted and now threads of every colour adorn my wrists and the promise of longer days filled with sunshine is a definite mood enhancer!

Kimberley has an amazing fashion blog going over at her new place to write and fill our heads with pretty pictures! We're both pretty addicted to polyvore at the moment, so much fun! Reminds me of last summer when I couldn't tear myself away from my laptop and I had an obsession with the Tudors (ahem, still do.) Also have a look at her awesome review of The Runaways on our movie blog the midnight picture show

More loveliness to write about this week, more illustrations, inspiration and reviews. Enjoy the sunshine pretties! ♥

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