Tuesday, 8 September 2009

time travel♥

i bought this yesterday, for £3.60 from hmv. i've seen it everytime i visit the 3 storey waterstone's, it always smiles at me. looks good, want to see the film. very poorly back today, lots of warm tea to keep me warm & a new black top for the autumn. looking at journals, doing more work. can't wait til summer's over & we can all go back to seeing friendly faces again & heading home when the day starts to draw in & car's headlights come on. long night baths & reread books♥


rhea ivy evers said...

TTW is pretty epic, but i love it so much. personally, i'm keeping far away from the film, it looks like blasphemy!
do let me know if you liked it :)

curethisheart said...

i've started reading it- i just want to sit & finish it. i'll let you know, haven't got round to seeing it again this week, but hopefully next week♥

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