Friday, 27 March 2009

♥ earl grey tea ♥

♥ what's new? nothing much. i've got candyfloss pink tinted hair because i ran out of toner! i have a lovely cup of early grey tea from starbucks...yumminess.
♥ need to make a little plan, maybe i'll do it on here then it's easier & i won't doodle on it or lose it.
♥ finish dream project
♥ rewrite essay for after easter
♥ finish that blasted dante's inferno work
♥ polish off other illustration projects
♥ there, that wasn't so hard, now it's just actually doing it & not distracting myself with the mighty boosh or pretty films like marie antoinette & the duchess. ha ha.

♥ i want to write letters to lovely friends on paper like this. paper like this. ♥ if you want to, send me your address to my email at & i will write & maybe send cupcakes, depends. :)


hapi-ness said...

where are my cupcakes! :P xxxx

curethisheart said...

i'm gonna make you soooommmme! love loves x

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