Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Feeling a little down lately but I'm always trying to stay positive. I don't like talking about being unhappy or sad as I sometimes feel as though it can bring other people down with you and you end up sinking into a black hole of feeling rubbish, crying into your tea wearing pyjamas. But then I think you know what we're all human, we all have mood swings and days where we feel as though we are carrying a big grey cloud full of unhappiness and gloom around with us and then sometimes one thing can happen and that cloud can get heavier or it can turn into a rainbow and fade away. Anyway, I suppose life throws us things that can be massive and really change the way we see the world and live out our everyday or can just be that you got teary eyed watching an episode of GBBO because your meringues are never gonna have that sort of shine.

I just thought I'd share a few things that seem to really help me feel happier and stay positive, I hope they help you guys in some way if you've ever felt like that too.

1. make time for friends and family | don't fall into the trap of feeling like you need to be cocooned in a duvet far away from the world. getting out really helps, even if it's just half an hour.

2. laugh | giggle at things, it's okay! watch your favourite comedy! get your mates round! giggle parties are the best!

3. make time for yourself | a bubble bath, treat yourself to a new shamazing shampoo, get your nails did, practise that cat eye with a new eyeliner, take yourself out for tea!

4. routine | i find a good bedtime routine means better sleep which seriously helps your mental wellbeing, if i'm tired then i get cranky, i don't feel refreshed and i wind up feeling like the female version of Tyler Durden.

5. talk about it | getting your feelings and thoughts out there makes them seem much less daunting, more than likely your friend or your mum has been through the same thing or knows how to cope with whatever it is that's troubling you, you'll find help and advice through talking to others and people can be so kind

I wish we could all have a harry potter butter beer party with real versions of chocolate frogs and pumpkin pasties! Halloween is on it's waaaay!

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