Monday, 1 September 2014


Sundays are the only day Matt and I seem to get free anymore so we've been spending them wisely lately, taking trips to our favourite places, thinking about what we'll do in the future, talking about exciting wedding plans, giggling and forever searching for new tearooms and trying out amazing cakes.

Last Sunday we decided to visit Lincoln, where we used to live and realised we do miss it and it's very dear in our hearts. We talked about how lovely it would be to renovate an old house, have breakfast in the garden and start a little family, scooping up our belongings and our baby rabbit to live in a historic city sounds like the absolute dream.

A giant Starbucks and lots of tiny paces up a very steep hill later, we took in the epic grandeur of the cathedral, pointed at cute little houses and oohed and aahhed at all the little trinkets, teas and cakes we found in the tiny treasure troves that Lincoln has. I lit a candle and wrote a prayer for those lovely people we are now without and that we miss with all our hearts, I hope they are somewhere peaceful with endless tea and laughter and cake always. Speaking of cake, we had the most amazing peanut butter and chocolate cake from Bunty's that is perfectly perched on the slope of Steep Hill. It was wonderful!

Afterwards we contemplated ice cream but decided we'd rather have a lovely meal out together so we could talk more about wedding plans and other lovely things but the place we were hoping to dine in was fully booked to the brim, we shall visit again one day. We headed home as the sun was going down, back to our little family life with our bunny we missed so much and had a lovely night in with chinese food and good films.

Hope you had a darling weekend lovelies. What are your favourite places to visit?

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