Thursday, 26 June 2014


Hello lovelies, hope you're all well! There's some exciting things happening at velvet wolves hq, including the release of velvet wolves apparel! hooray! I'm waiting for stock currently for new designs, but you can get your hands on this lovely Lana Del Rey illustrated tee, available in sizes xs to xxl right now in my etsy shop. Stay tuned for more updates and new products as they come in. If you guys have any requests please let me know! I'm always on twitter +natashalikestea

I'd like to thank each an every one of you for your support of my handmade business and illustration ventures, it wouldn't be possible without it so a massive thank you!

Tea & sugar mice,

Natasha x


anto said...

How exciting, congratulations!!! They are beautiful.

Natasha T said...

thanks Anto, lovely! You're so kind! Love your latest illustrations, they're so beautiful! x x

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