Wednesday, 4 June 2014


We saw Maleficent last Wednesday and it was fantastic, Angelina Jolie totally makes the film as Maleficent and it's a beautiful edition to the villains that Disney present, opening up new avenues for other films that tell the back story of the bad guys. I adored her costumes and her presence on screen was so compelling. Elle Fanning who plays Aurora was super sweet and the amazing fairytale world they reside in was so magical. Definitely go and see it if you haven't already.

I had to illustrate Angelina at the premiere of Maleficent as her look was so iconic, in liquorice leather and spiked accessories. She's so classically beautiful and this look subtly hinted the darkness of her role as the intriguing Maleficent. This Angelina Jolie illustration now available as a print in the Velvet Wolves shop

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