Tuesday, 20 May 2014


Untitled #48

Happy Tuesday lovelies, it's getting close to Wednesday, which means midweek and edging ever closer to that super lovely long weekend! It feels like we've reached summer, even though it's been strange weather & I'm constantly questioning whether it's ok to be wearing jelly shoes!

001 Love these simple statement tees, this covers my life most of the time, ha!

002 I am five, seriously though I always feel summery in a pair of these, to the beach we go!

003 I'm not gonna lie, a lovely new iPhone would be amazing as mine is constantly full even though I've taken all my music off it, I love having apple products that all sync together, also look how pretty!

004 Summer means I CBA with my hair, nothing new there, so I'm embracing the waves, hello beach hair & this will fix them

005 A pop of pink lipstick is an instant mood lifter, love this 'all about me shade' from Topshop

006 This leopard print Tangle Teezer has been a serious hair saver, it's amazing!

007 Pretty self explanatory, but this retro looking Chapstick makes me feel like Jen from Dawson's Creek, or at least I think it's something she'd have in her bag, so '90's

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