Sunday, 25 May 2014


You know when you're flicking through MTV and you revert back to being a fifteen year old, well that happened this week and I thought I'd make a mini playlist of some retro favourites, bring on the summer & more Britney, Christina, Blink 182 & Destiny's Child #noshame


#1 pieces of me // ASHLEY SIMPSON
#2 everytime  // BRITNEY SPEARS
#3 sunday morning // NO DOUBT
#4 no scrubs // TLC
#5 stan// EMINEM
#6 wherever you will go // THE CALLING

1 comment:

Beatriz Carvajal said...

Such a good mixtape! I loooove the song from the calling! it's just <3

You're sooo talented! Congrats, I really really like all of your work.

Classy and Trendy

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