Saturday, 10 May 2014

I DO #1

So I've been super busy planning our wedding and thought I'd share some ideas for bridesmaids because who doesn't love a pretty dress with pastel nail polish and candy pink lipstick? Unfortunately this dress just sold out but there are so many pretty ones to choose from and I adore mismatched bridesmaid dresses, they're so individual like disney princesses. 

Peach & nude dresses are darling and they will suit a spring wedding, pretty lace and florals with neon pink cheeks and glitter nails. 

I can't wait to go cupcake testing with copious amounts of tea & giggles. There's so many fun things to do when you're planning a wedding, it doesn't all have to be super stressful. 

If you'd like me to share more wedding related inspiration and posts just leave a comment below and I'd love to do a wedding series. #ido

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