Friday, 23 May 2014


Untitled #50

It's Friday, hooray! It's another long weekend which is super lovely! Lots of catching up to do, I feel like I need to go on fast forward and speed everything up to be on top of everything. These are all the things I'm coveting this sunny Friday.

001 This is totally out of my price range, cos it's Meadham Kirchoff, but I adore black velvet dresses *especially* when they have an added Winona-Ryder-in-anything-Tim-Burton-esque look about them.

002 Barbie plasters, sooo '90's and I love them! I like to switch up between Disney Princess & all the cool ones you can get from UO.

003 Super cute dolly shoes, I like that they're white as I'm really into the monochrome wardrobe atm, but I fear I would get these so dirty so quickly, a girl can dream.

004 Black velvet cherry lip scrubb, 'buff said.

005 Vitamin water in the colour of all my weheartit collection, haha.

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