Thursday, 1 May 2014


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With all the weird weather we've had lately Thursday nights are the perfect excuse for a movie night. We love tv shows and since subscribing to netflix we have tuned into different series and been pleasantly surprised. Our ever growing list of 'to watch' items is a little out of control and I'm always open to suggestions *leave your lovely comments below*

So Once Upon A Time is a show about fairytales mixed with the modern world but still set in a little bubble that is the town of Storybrook. I just adore this show, it's a real escape every episode and there's a whole lot of drama and suspense. Don't be deceived the storybook title, it's not all Cinderella's castle and fairy dust, there's sword swinging, plotting and deception. Definitely a must to rent out, remember actually going to physically rent videos on a Friday night for the weekend, ahh makes me think of the little store in Dawson's Creek with all those rows of VHS tapes or add to your ever growing tv show collection.

Watch with: your family or GF/ BF/ BFF

Goes well with: popcorn, cherry vanilla coke, let's face it, one episode of anything is never enough & a yankee candle of choice, mine's cinnamon stick, reminds me of forests, what.

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