Wednesday, 12 March 2014




Happy Wednesday lovelies, hope you're all well and had a super lovely weekend! This week, well month actually I've been admiring the colour peach, it seems my drinks and cheeks have all been stained this pastel-orange hue and it's made me want summer to hurry along!

I wish I was brave & beautiful enough to wear this shade of orange in my hair, like the super gorgeous Rachel McAdams. I totally fell in love with this shade as soon as she wore it, making a bubblegum pink lip pop and pretty eyes glitter

This darling Topshop blush in Do It Again is a pretty powder that would be just perfect for summer walks down flower scattered country lanes in a sun dress. 

Georgia cheek colour by Benefit is also super fresh, I love the pretty box it comes in and the tiny brush applicator to sweep along cheekbones or dot on the apples of cheeks. 

Homemade peach pie, this reminds me of America and of Pushing Daisies, if only I could bake in happiness like Charlotte Charles with her little droplets of euphoria and giggles. 

The rare peach, or rare at least in our house, I never eat them because I forget how lovely they are and so forget to buy them, maybe next time I'll scribble them at the top of my little shopping list. 

Smucker's peach preserve, or peach jam is something I've never tried but I bet it would be super tasty, especially in the sunshine or in miniature tarts. 

Snapple drinks look delicious, I've seen them on American tv shows like Friends and felt a twinge of jealousy at them being in their fridge and super hard to track down here. I love the glass bottle and design. 

Peached & Cream nail colour by Topshop is just so sweet, I love the pastel shade, it's not yet in my nail polish collection but it's definitely on my wishlist. 

Bobbi Brown limited edition high shimmer lip gloss in the sweetest shade Bear Peach would make a charming edition to any makeup bag. Nude lips with a subtle shimmer are always fail safe and super pretty!

Oh Lola, now I know this isn't technically peach but it reminds me of summer time and so do peaches, so that's the logic I had?! Anyway, it's a  really cute size, perfect for slipping into your bag and handy to keep your summer scent topped up all day.

Peach & glitter flags, what's not to love? They would look super cute on any slice of cake or amongst the decadent delights of an afternoon tea. You can find these little beauties from Pelemele on etsy. 


Anonymous said...

I am now OBSESSED with that hair color! It is so freakin' pretty, holy crap I need it!

Now I'm craving a smoothie with lots of peaches in it! Cute post :)

Smitten with Sunday

Emma R said...

Peach is such a gorgeous flavour and I have to say, her hair colour is fab! I've been looking for an apricot lip colour for a while now so I'll take a peek at the one here. x

Second Hand Rose said...

I love this collection, the make up looks great and I love the nail colour. I fancy that pie too! XxxX

Natasha ♥ said...

Danielle - Ha I know right, how gorgeous is her hair? I wish I could pull it off! Your hair is super pretty! Yeah me too, we made peach & white chocolate cake to go with afternoon tea x

Emma - Hope you find the lip colour you were looking for, McAdams knows how to rock peach locks! x

Second Hand Rose - thank you lovely, yeah me too it inspired me to bake more! x

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