Wednesday, 5 February 2014


2013 brought lovely moments, which completely outweigh the not so great ones. One of those which will be forever in my memory, that shines bright like a diamond (Rihanna always on repeat) was the moment my best friend and love of my life asked me to marry him. We were in London for our anniversary, catching glimpses of fast life in the city, away from our little home in the country. Museums full of crystals and creatures from the deepest oceans, tea and mini sugar comas from novelty donuts, the warm breeze from the underground, all of it had completely swept us away, it was like living in our own rom com. 

My Chelsea boots splashed in coloured puddles as we'd been caught in a heavy rain storm, so Matt bought me the sweetest, most velvety hot chocolate from a warm cafe where we talked about the future. The rain was so persistent but we were determined to have another afternoon of adventure and small delights in the capital. We braved the rain and took shelter in the glorious V&A, my favourite place in London and where he popped the question. It was the sweetest and it felt so unreal, like time had slowed down to where you can see all the most minute details in the world. I felt warm tears on my cheeks, happiness and a serious helping of being so completely overwhelmed. 

It felt like a dream! We rushed out into the rain, I was laughing and crying at the same time from a flutter of excited butterflies in my tummy. We took the first tube to Oxford Street where we searched the shimmering streets for an engagement ring. Nestled away behind the glittering glass counters of Selfridges I found a vintage gold ring with a pearlescent moonstone, my hands were shaking but it fit beautifully and I knew that was the one. 

It was the best date I think we've ever had, and that says a lot, it seemed everlasting. We celebrated with the most amazing velvety smooth milkshakes and the tallest burgers you've ever seen. Like two teenagers in love, like we have been all this time we giggled amongst tiny tea lights in a warm corner with a glowing window and knew this was the start of something really super special. 

I'd love to hear about your Moments That mattered from the past year, if you write your own lovely post there's a super lovely draw on Hannah's gorgeous blog that you can enter 

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