Thursday, 20 February 2014



It's still February, the month of love, of sending sugary pink valentine's, cinema dates, the only month where it's totally justified to want to wear clashing pink and red, heart earrings and heart nail art, bake tiny cakes in the shapes of hearts and dot pink blusher to the apples of your cheeks, (wait, no I do this every month) I coveted this collection of blush coloured delights that are perfect for any month and I want them all as they gleam and shimmer on my wishlist. 

This blushing pink journal from Tea and Kate (such a cute name) is right up my street and I love the plastic cover (yeah, I'm a spiller, like Chandler's a dropper, actually I'm both, very clumsy indeed) It's the perfect little companion to write down notes, ideas, dates, meetings, ahh I just love journals. 

I'm loving these simple but oh so pretty pencils, they're functional and you can always slip one to your sweetheart to remind them to write you some sweet notes. I wish people still wrote love letters, perhaps they still do. That should be a thing. 

This darling 'love you' cushion is one I'd be super happy about having on our bed or in our living room, it's just so lovely! It would make such a thoughtful gift too!

What can I say, I'm a 1997 Titanic fan! I've been obsessed with the film ever since I knew it was being made and Jack & Rose are like my favourite couple ever. These super cute pink earrings from the darling Gabriella at Pixie and Pixier are just amazing! 

Pocket mirrors with compliments, now this is something that is genius. I love the idea of sending it to friends and it's designed by the super lovely Nicola from MsSpanner

What have you been coveting this month? 

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