Friday, 21 February 2014




TGIF TGIF, so while I wish I could play this tune by Katy Perry and pretend it's summer, the reality is more like tea in my pyjamas with the central heating on, tuning in to another netflix marathon. Here's an edition of FRIDAY LOVES, in which I tell you what's been making me happy this week or this month and hopefully you'll enjoy them too!

1. Alexa Chung's IT, oh yeah it's pastel pink, written by Alexa Chung WITH pictures and it's got her very own cat eye on the front in all its glittering glory. Who doesn't love Alexa Chung? This was gifted to me by my little sister, who knows me all to well and it's been off my bookshelf more than it's been on, sitting pretty. If you haven't already got this or at least have flicked through it in your local Urban Outfitters then please do! It's such so pretty! And it's a very interesting read. 

2. Bangerz by Miley Cyrus, aka Hannah Montana (those days are over, I say to myself as I weep into a Disney HM thermos full of fruit and yogurt) Love her or not, this album is actually amazing, that girl can sing! I've had it on pretty much non stop since it came out, my particular favourite is my Friday jam, 'we can't stop' see if you can stop yourself flicking your hair from side to side, rolling your hands and turning this tune up after a working week. 

3. Models Own hyper gel in lilac sheen, this little pastel beauty has been my BFF since I got my hands on it this month. It's such a lovely colour, super easy to apply and it seems to last well (but I'm forever washing up or typing or drawing so my hands get some serious abuse) I think it's going to be a film favourite in the spring and (hopefully) summer months!

4. Right now the Vampire Diaries blu ray box set has been on my wishlist for a while now and I'm still in the 'I can't afford anything but basics' category but when I hopefully do get the pennies I'll be treating myself to this! It's safe to say Matt and I are addicted (that's a subtle term) to the show and if you've seen it you'll know how good it is. 

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