Tuesday, 6 August 2013


I have a new blog, make yourself a cup of tea & have a read ♥ I've been away for so long because I've been very ill lately and although it's an ongoing thing I really wanted to start a new project to keep my mind busy and illustrate everyday ♥ I've got lots of lovely illustrations to do which are keeping me busy, I'm currently accepting commissions so if you want to discuss one please email me velvetwolves@live.com I also have a new shop offering bespoke custom digital portraits and blog headers as well as some other pretty favourites ♥ I hope you lovelies are all well & looking forward to the Autumn as much as I am, here's to pulling out wooly jumpers, tights & drinking hot chocolate, soon I hope! ♥ 

1 comment:

The Tea Drinking English Rose said...

Welcome back darling!
I hope you get well soon!!

Yay for Autumn & Winter! Hurry!!!


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