Tuesday, 15 January 2013





We saw Les Miserables over the weekend before the snow came, it was perfect, such an epic film and I really want to see the stage version in the West End. The soundtrack is so powerful that I can't stop listening, one of my most played tracks is Stars by Russell Crowe. I urge you to go and see it if you haven't already, I was so moved by it and amazed by the vocal talent of the cast and their performances.   It's such a beautiful piece of cinema, an instant favourite ♥


Hannah Spencer said...

Love your blog!

The stage version is just incredible- I saw it last year and it was probably the best 3 hours of my life. I still haven't seen the film though!

I just made a blog... Follow me?


Natasha ♥ said...

Hannah, thank you so much for your kind words! I desperately need to see the stage version, it looks so incredible! My sister and I are hoping to go and see it one day. The film is amazing, you will love it I'm sure! I'm following your lovely blog! Yey for Bobbin bicycles! x

JustJune said...

Les Miserables was an amazing film! I was incredibly moved by this version, it didn't feel like 3 hours(apart from bursting for the loo!). I loved it!

I absolutely love your blog Natasha! x

Natasha ♥ said...

I'm hoping to see it again today, ha I was too Hannah! But it was so worth it, such a beautiful film! Thank you I love your blog too Hannah x

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