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Hello how are you lovely? 
hello I'm very well, the sun is shining, i have a giant cup of coffee in front of me and i can hear the birds singing in my garden <3 p="p">

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Can you tell us a bit more about you, where you're from, what you like? 
I’m a thirty something year old mama of three girls. We live in the hills and valleys of North Wales although i grew up in Lincolnshire. I’ve been married to my love for almost ten years. I ‘m a flower child at heart and am never happier then when I'm surrounded by nature. I love to have sand in my toes, flowers in my hair and the smell of salt air around me.


Do you have a favourite jewellery piece you have created?
It’s hard to pick but my current favoutites is these earrings they’ve been a big hit in my shop and i love my pair!


How long have you been a creative?
I’ve always created, ever since i was a horse-obsessed kiddo making stables and accessories for my little ponies! as a teenager i made jewellery and clothing for myself and friends, and as a mama I've always made things for my girlies.


What/ who inspires you?
my girls are my biggest inspiration. since becoming a mama, being true to myself has been so important – living a life that means i get to be with them all day, every day. showing them that you can follow your dreams and live the life you dream of.

You have a very sweet blog and  tweet lots of loveliness, what inspires you to have an online presence & encourages you to blog about lovely things?

i started blogging at this enchanted pixie back in 2010, mainly as an online journal of sorts. i was going through a bad bout of depression and wanted something to distract me and a place to document our life. it has grown into something so much more and i discovered how much i love blogging. i love the friends that i have made along the way, and hope that others enjoy reading a little about my life!

Do you have any favourite blogs/ websites?
gypsie sister and Lune vintage are two of my current favourites.

Have you got a picture of your workspace? (Drawings accepted!)
here -

How does your workspace help you to be creative?
my workspace, though tiny, is my little haven. i can step inside and feel like I'm in my own little world. I'm surrounded my inspiring images and jars of beads, buttons and ribbons. It feels like a sanctuary full of creative vibes – as soon as i sit at my little desk i can feel the urge to start making.

What's on your most awesome playlist?
Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, The Band, Bob Dylan – i often think i was born in the wrong era!!!

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If I wanted to contact you about a collaboration/buying jewellery/to say hello etc., what's the best way for me to do that?
I’d love to hear from you! You can email me at

What are the loveliest mags you read?
lionheart magazinewish magazineMollie makes – my three faves for inspiration and pretty things!

Book – alice through the looking glass
Colour – teal
Shop – thrift shops!
Drink – coffee
Cake – lemon drizzle cake
Tea – builders tea 
Attire – tea dresses
Month – march {it’s my birthday month!}
Activity – reading
Film – some like it hot
Actor/Actress – marilyn monroe
Tattoo the swallows on my chest 
Band/singer – neil young


all images in this post belong to this enchanted pixie

Thank you to the lovely Polly for being kind enough to do this feature


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