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Hello Evermade, how are you today? 

Good thank you, and yourself?

Can you tell us a bit more about you, where you're from, what you like? 

My name's Harry and I've been running a small creative business called Mango Digital for the last 18 months. I started it up through the Prince's Trust and I've been pretty busy ever since. But after a while I wanted to start a project that put everything I had learnt into practice. So I started Evermade just over a month ago now.

What inspired Evermade? 

I was looking for some great art for the office, something fresh and uplifting. I didn't look very far, but what I could see in Ikea and Argos didn't really do it for me. So I had a good look around Spitalfields market, but it was all work I had seen so many times before. Plenty of Banksy, vintage soap ads, long exposure photos of Picadilly Circus  and some of the usual Keep Calm slogans. Its all great, but a bit tired now.  
So is going to be a platform for upcoming artists to get their work out there. Its early days yet with only a few prints on offer. But we have some more work coming this year which I'm  very sure its going to amaze you!

How did you get into collaborating with artists ?

The idea of is to promote young up and coming artists by selling their work and featuring them where we can. Most of the artists approached us through our website. And then we selected the styles that we thought would work well together and we commissioned them to do the work. Simple as that really. 

Would you share with us your creative process?

In a nutshell, the brief is provided to the artists. The brief for our last collection was incredibly broad, so we ended up with some incredible results. The brief was to create artwork that interacts with another piece of artwork from another artist. So the artists worked in pairs. You can see the first two pairs are on the site right now. 
After the work was complete, we had them printed on Risograph in East London. Its a nice technique, every copy is slightly different from the next. 

What inspires you to be online & encourages you to blog about lovely things?

Because we aren't just a store, we are about sharing creative ideas too. 

How long have you been into the creative?

I went to film school a few years back, and since then I've been working within various creative industries, from TV and film, to web design and graphics. 

Can you describe what you do in three sweet words?

Refreshing affordable art.

What/ who inspires you?

There's plenty of inspiration coming from experiencing everyday life in London, but also with Twitter, its jam packed full of inspiration with people sharing ideas, photos, articles, illustrations etc. 

Which ways do you best promote your work?

We do most of our promotion online for now, but we will be exhibiting the work at some point too. 

Do you have any favourite blogs/ websites? is one of my favourites.

But also:

How does your workspace help you to be creative?

Its in a converted church in Kennington, so its incredibly bright, airy and spacious, which enough to inspire anybody really. 

Are you involved in/ working on anything lovely right now? Do tell!

We are working on something very special with David Ryan Robinson right now. Its going to be incredible. Its a map of London. I've seen a print out of just the first quarter of it so far, and its simply stunning. People come into the office and they're taken away by it, they study it for ages. And its only the first draft of the the FIRST QUARTER! Its going to be pretty big.

You can see more details about it, and also have your own input on our facebook page : We're looking for people to suggest their own favourite pubs and landmarks on the map so its for Londoners. Its not just the typical, Big Ben, the Eye etc, its more intimate than that. 

What's on your most awesome playlist?

Click the link and it should start playing: mix

Its a collaborative playlist on Spotify, it has some of the music that inspires the artists on there, but also some of our own stuff too! 

If I wanted to contact you about a collaboration/buying work/to say hello etc, what's the best way for me to do that?

Easiest way by far, just visit our website

But also come and say hi on Twitter and Facebook if you want up to the minute details.

What are the loveliest mags you read?

Creative Review and .Net are the favourites in the office right now

Do you have any nice plans for the future? (Picnics, pictures, exhibitions, afternoon teas, blogger events?)

Well we've got plans to get David Ryan's ginormous map of London all finished and printed in the best quality we can. We've also got some more prints coming in 2012 too. 
Then we also will be developing the blog, and website. After that, afternoon teas and picnics aplenty...

 Massive thanks to Harry from Evermade for this lovely feature!
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