Tuesday, 13 December 2011


My favourite red haired lovely Faye West has been super festive and kind enough to share some of her gorgeous gift ideas, tales of ballgowns and glittering gold tops, inspiring nostalgia with talk of 90's pop and retro Christmas films, all topped off with a snowy snippet of last year's icing sugar Christmas. I also love her idea of the ideal Christmas! So grab your cup of hazelnut-laden hot chocolate & a gingerbread man or mince pie and read on to discover the festivities of Faye! ♥

What do you like to do to get in the Christmas spirit? It's the Christmas songs that start making me feel a bit fuzzy inside, I actually started listening to Christmas albums mid November this year. All the bells and tinkles, the joy and the fa-la-la-lahs.

Can you share some Christmas picks? (what's on your wish list?)
I already treated myself to the top of my wishlist. I have been after some red suede or velvet platforms for a while now, and had my eye on some lovely Topshops raspberry pink ones with a satin bow. I trawled London from East to West one Saturday whilst visiting, from 8am til 6. And found these at the end when I have nearly given up hope! So they shall come out again or the office Christmas party. http://www.debenhams.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/prod_10001_10001_58958+2417252789_-1?breadcrumb=Home~Women I still would like some red shoes though!

Do you have a favorite Christmas film?
Bad Santa. I was introduced to it one Christmas I spent with friends who hosted a RockMas, we had a black tree, decorated with pumpkin lights, an alternative Christmas soundtrack and Bad Santa which makes me chuckle so much. Plus Billy Bob is rather appealing!

What would be on your Christmas mixtape?
Maria's firstly because it reminds me of being 12 (1996!) and in New Look picking out a gold sparkly vest top for the school Christmas Disco. Spice Girls 2 Become 1 (http://youtu.be/FA5jsa1lR9c), some Slade and Wizzard for childhood memories, Rockin Around the Christmas Tree and Jingle Bell rock AND FINALLY Nat king Cole's The Christmas Song. Me and my brother also love music from the films Big and Home Alone so we shall have that on in the background for Christmas Dinner.

What's your ideal Christmas present?
 something that keeps you occupied throughout the day, like a gadget!

What do you like to do on Christmas eve?
 I actually don't mind that am normally always working as you end up being around everyone with that buzz of looking forward to getting home for an alcoholic beverage and your 56th mince pie. At one point before I went to Uni, in my home town, I was working in a clothes shop wth my Mum, best friend, her Mum, her Mum's best friend, another college friend, and it was when Monsoon made us where eveningwear as uniform so was I wearing a ballgown to work!

What would be your idea of the perfect Christmas day?
 New York City with friends and loved ones :)
 Faye's glittering christmas stories have inspired me to put more sparkle on top of all that I do this Christmas! Thank you for sharing lovely!
images: weheartit & Faye West

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