Tuesday, 4 October 2011


Lovely Faye West sent me these delectable goodies through the post the other day. I was so thrilled to find the package waiting for me sealed with vintage disney tape. More disney goodness fell out inside in the form of disney princess stickers! She was kind enough to fill it full of the most gorgeous girly fashion prints & cards, the sweetest mirror so I can coat my eyelashes or press on rosy lipbalm anytime, anywhere! There was also a delicate toofbrush the colour of strawberry milkshake- which I was so happy to get as my wisdom tooth had been giving me trouble. Faye, the sweetheart she is had even thought to include my hair in this package and included the prettiest red flower hair slide which I adore- it's been on long summer walks with me thanks to this Indian summer we're having- in October!

I urge you to grab a bottle of cream soda or something equally as sweet and go and have a look at her gorgeous illustrations (the sugariness heightens the experience of seeing her pastel, pretty handmade loveliness in illustration form) Lovely Faye also has a super pretty etsy shop {Lady Gaga watercolour, a very lovely royal wedding original & pocket mirrors!}, a gorgeous blog, newly done up website and if you aren't already you should definitely be following my favourite red haired lovely on twitter 

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Raffles Bizarre said...

Ooh that all looks so gorgeous! I love the mirror especially, how sweet of her!

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