Sunday, 25 September 2011

A-Z of things x

Having a go at this as the lovely Faye West said I should give it a go ♥ 
Twenty three (and a week!)
B-Bed size:
It's a really comfy double ♥
C-Chore that you hate:
I don't reallyyy like cleaning the bathroom, or anything to do with sinks yuck! (Partly because the other day there was a slug that had made its way up the sink- whyyy?!!) But I make myself because then I feel happy and smiley that it's all sparkly!
I like dogs. We have a family dog Phoebe, she's a Labrador and she is the snuggliest, wappiest, cutest dog ever! She smells like popcorn and has incredibly soft ears. She doesn't like lawnmowers- you can't cut the grass without her barking like mad and attempting to bite the wheels off. She also likes log burning fires, christmas baubles & carrots. 
E-Essential start to your day:
I'm usually quite thirsty when I wake up so the first thing I do to wake me up is have a cup of tea, or orange juice if we have Tropicana in the fridge!
F-Favourite Colour:
Pastel pink, like the colour of pink milk or strawberry milkshake ♥
G-Gold or silver:
I used to really hate gold, especially gold jewellery. But now it's lovely, there are so many gorgeous precious stones encased in gold you can wear on your fingers or delicate gold necklaces.

I'm quite a little 5 ft 2
I-Instruments you play:
I used to play the piano when I was younger, like eight or something. But then I stopped, I can't play any other instrument- I attempted guitar but faileddd.
J-Job title:
Freelance illustrator, I draw pretty things and like it alot
In Norwich, it's all new and exciting and pretty here.
M-Mother's name:
Jackie, like the cool girl's magazine.
N- Nickname
Tash & Tasha (which I hate!) Tinkle, Pickle, Raj (as in Raja the tiger from Aladdin, my sister calls it me)
O-Overnight hospital stays:
I am very pleased to announce I've never stayed at a hospital overnight, although I was taken to hospital late at night by my parents as I was burning up and dizzy, sick, couldn't stand any lights and feverish and it turned out I had a very high temperature. 
P-Pet peeves:
Nosy neighbours, wet bathroom floors, people who don't wash their hands after using the bathroom, dusty rooms, when the quilt gets all bunched up in the cover.
Q-Quote from a film:
R-Right or left handed:
My sister Lauren, she's awesome, extremely kind, generous, very witty and funny, beautiful and just lovelyyy.
T-Time you wake up:  
Not ever so early, I'm not a morning person.
pretty but it has to work!
V-Vegetable you hate:
Mushrooms! EURGH!
W-What makes you run late:
If my hair isn't dry that usually makes me late because it takes about an hour to dry as it's so thick!
X-X rays you've had:
Quite a few- a head X Ray when I was three, I fell over head first on concrete playing at nursery and had to have peas on it, then was taken to hospital to have it X Rayed, it was soo scary. I had another when I was seven, it turned out I'd fractured my arm ( another playground mishap) and had to wear a cast for six whole weeks! To make matters worse this happened just before the start of the six week holiday- which meant no paddling pool or swimming for me :( Another X Ray when I was eighteen or nineteen for my back and then about three on my foot when I was twenty. The last two told me nothing. 
Y-Yummy food that you make:
Mash potatoes and my boyfriend who is an amazing cook says I make lovely spaghetti bolegnese and am good at baking.
Z-Zoo animal:
Little bears. 

Any of you would be welome to have a go at this, I'd love to see what the crayonettes answers are ♥

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