Tuesday, 9 August 2011


Tuesday afternoon was spent taking a well earned afternoon tea after walking round the shops and bustling streets of Nottingham with my sister, auntie and grandma. We lowered our bags and settled down for some homemade treats and proper loose tea in vintage teacups, brewed in a rather lovely floral teapot at The Walk. It's a little hidden away but we liked that, it was like having our very own secret tea party, away from the stickiness of the shops and heat of the afternoon. Glass cabinets displaying all manner of old fashioned sweet treats like Victoria Sponge were waiting to be served on tea plates. Ornate chairs with the richest of flocking held a crown in the window display next to a peacock that stood proudly above a little tea cabinet, and one in monochrome next to our table.

The lovely ladies, wearing delicate fascinators in their hair, were even kind enough to let my sister try the soup before she ordered, bringing out the honey coloured broth in the tiniest of teacups. We were then given floral teacups and saucers to take our English Breakfast tea in, before being served our wonderful homemade delights. I had croissant with the yellowest butter and rich, strawberry jam. It was a real treat, a must for tea lovers like me!


Temporary:Secretary said...

These are such darling photos! x

Gracie said...

Your afternoon tea looks delightful :)

This is Gracie one of your partners for Bianca's CD swap. I just want to say I loved your mixed cd! It was fantastic and I loved that you called Amethyst Castle (Amethyst is my birthstone). So thank you :)

Natasha ♥ said...

He thanks Sarah! :D I couldn't help snapping the lovely teapots & teacups! xx

Hi Gracie! Ohh I'm super happy it found you and you liked it! Ha how good is that! I love amethyst it's lovely and am glad I named it my mix for you xx

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