Monday, 6 June 2011


I love having pastel colours in my hair, it really cheers me up. Having had such a terrible week last week, I'm feeling a bit better and the sun is coming out so that makes me feel better! I'm grateful to have supportive friends, a wonderful sister and a lovely caring boyfriend- he bought me pink and white lillies yesterday when he got in from work, so that was a lovely surprise!

What do you lovelies do when you feel down and stressed?


Rachel Lewis Illustration said...

I book massages: Hehe :P

I dunno what I do to destress - I just keep on rolling with it really =/ Although tonight I ahve pilates and that REALLY helps me to de-wind, love it.

Pastel hair - I love it. I keep meaning to put more lavender in my hair; it's gone back to boring blonde again! I love dip dying too! xxx

anne said...

that's cute!
I like you blog, I love the ambiance!
see ya!

Kayleigh said...

Prettyyyyy hair! I want pastel hair now xx

Natasha ♥ said...

Rach- Pilates is ahhmazing, I love it! Thanks fer th'link! I'd love a massage! Have you tried those little heart shaped massage bars from Lush? Ooh I noticed they do strawberry ones too! Lovely! Yeyy for dip dying, I used to dip dye it pink but I'm loving lavenders right now :D

Anne- Thanks lovely, pleased you like it :)

Kay- Yeahhh pastel hairrrr :) x

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