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The ever so lovely Jaclyn Bethany of Audrey Grace Boutique has a new pop up shop opening full of pretty things, this our interview, lovely stuff!

Jaclyn, can you tell me a bit about yourself, where you're from?
(A picture would be lovely!)

Hi Natasha! I'm Jaclyn and I'm from Jackson, Mississippi which is a small city in the deep south. It's very warm and has a lot of culture, great writers (most recently Kathryn Stockett, Elizabeth Spencer, Eudora Welty, John Grisham and William Faulkner) and amazing food! My entire family is from Mississippi, but my heritage is German and British (which I pride myself on!) I attend college at Fordham College at Lincoln Center, where I am studying acting and will be a senior in the fall.

image: Jaclyn Bethany

What is your favourite Audrey Hepburn film and why do you like it so much?

Breakfast at Tiffany's. I just read a great book on the making of the film called Fifth Avenue, 5 A.M. It's so interesting that Capote wanted Marilyn Monroe for the role of Holly. It would have been such a different film.
I love it because I think it's a story that every girl can relate to. Holly is a girl that comes from nothing and somehow moves up in society to live this amazing life with amazing clothes in New York City. But then she realises she's unhappy, and that's where the love story comes in.
Audrey did such a great job with the role and showed so many layers. Before Breakfast at Tiffany's, Audrey was just the girl next door, but then she suddenly was known as a phenomenal actress after this role.
I also love the short story version of Breakfast at Tiffany's, it's a lot darker, but just as consuming. It's so interesting to think about which of Capote's 'swans' he was channeling when he wrote the story. But, I think there is no definitive answer, Holly was pure original. I also like that she's blonde in the book, like me!

Do you have a favourite Grace Kelly film?

To Catch A Thief. She's so stunning in that film. And I read recently in an article about her and the making of the movie. During filming, she met Prince Rainier, so it's got a bit of a love story to it. And the masquerade scene in that film was just fabulous. It would have been interesting to see what her performances would have been like if she had been allowed to make films while the Princess of Monaco. I think the fact that Hollywood lost a great actress to royalty after such a short film career is sad.

images from iheartgracekelly

Audrey Grace Boutique, it sounds like magical place filled with pretty things, can you tell me more?

I think it's going to be beautiful. It's really inspired by lot of my favourite things, like the spread and clothes you see in publications like Lula. It's going to have clothing, art, jewelry, vintage and all kinds of accessories. I am also working on some exciting collaborations with designers and artists. There are going to be a lot of surprises in store!

Alexa Chung in Rachel Antonoff, a brand which will be carried in Audrey Grace Boutique

image: TBA
Georgie Henly in TBA, carried in Audrey Grace Boutique

Can you tell me where the idea for Audrey Grace Boutique originated?

I've always wanted to open a boutique. I felt like now is a good time to open Audrey Grace because there is a particular gap in the market for this type of store. Although the boutique will originate as a pop up, I hope it will expand. I am starting it in my hometown to test the waters, plus, I know a lot of people where I'm from! Also I come from a family of very stylish women. I've been surrounded by amazing clothes and fashion my whole life. My grandmother is sort of famous where I live for being very chic!

What is it about Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly that inspired you to create a unique boutique named after them?

They are both two stylish icons that women today can relate to. What woman doesn't want to look or dress like Audrey or Grace? Even today, their style is constantly referenced on runways and in Hollywood. They also led inspiring personal lives. Audrey was probably one of the nicest women to have ever lived, her work with UNICEF was amazing. I wish they were both still alive.

Are there any inspirational blogs you like?

Tons. I find so many inspirations from blogs. Here are some the check out: The Cherry Blossom Girl, Wayward Daughter, Honey Kennedy, Wish Wish Wish, Party Tights, Liebemarlene, Daily Alexa Chung, Style Bubble and Daydream Lily. I basically only like fashion blogs that showcase pretty things. I also like a lot of shop blogs, as well as designers' and artists' blogs, including yours!

Which fashion designer do you admire the most?

Most definitely Karl Lagerfield for Chanel. He's a genius. I own some Chanel pieces and will always treasure them. Also, Miucca Prada, specifically her work for Miu Miu. I also loved Luella, I have so much of her line, I could open a store. I was so sad when she had to close up, her line was the perfect mix of girly and wearable. Luckily, I have her book about English style and I read it cover to cover! Also I love the designers Charles Anastase, Erin Fetherston, and Emma Hill for Mulberry. Mulberry is the new Luella for me. And of course all the designers that will be in my shop!

image: weheartit

image: Mulberry

image by birdsnest

Do you enjoy collecting art and illustrations?

I do. It's only been something I have gotten into recently, though. Art collecting really runs in my family. I remember when I was little being dragged around to all the antique markets of London and Paris with my mom and grandmother, searching for art. I wasn't really into it at the time, but now I totally get it.

image: thesecretteaparty Grace Kelly for Audrey Grace Boutique

image: thesecretteaparty Florence + The Machine for Audrey Grace Boutique

image: thesecretteaparty Alexa Chung for Audrey Grace Boutique

Where would you like Audrey Grace Boutique to take you?

I would eventually love to have it be in a couple of cities. I would want a shop in my hometown, Jackson, because that's where it started and one in New York, London and Paris. That would be a dream. I could just hop back and forth between all of them! I would also love to eventually stock more high end designers, in addition to what I already have, but that will come in time. I think as an actress I know I will be travelling for a long time, and hopefully part of that time could be spent buying for the boutique, wherever I am in the world. I have so much fun discovering shops and markets in new cities! I would also love to design my own collection!

If you had to pick an outfit for Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly to wear
what would it be?

I'm going to say something by Chanel for both of them, because neither one of them wore a lot of Chanel. In my opinion, the spring 2010 Chanel was very Audrey it was like a beautiful farm inspired Dutch collection. She had a house in Switzerland, so any of those looks with the clogs would be perfect on her. And the last two resort collections for Chanel have taken place in the South of France, so I can see Grace wearing one of those gingham bikinis on her yacht!

Who are your most admired icons, apart from Audrey and Grace of course?

Today, I admire girls who have style such as Alexa Chung, Kirsten Dunst, Keira Knightley, Michelle Williams, Elle Fanning, Zooey Deschanel,
Cara and Poppy Delevigne, Clemence Poesy, Emma Watson, Karen Elson and Sarah Sophie Flicker. I don't think these girls have iconic looks yet, but they have really good style and like to mix it up. Ironically, Keira, Michelle and Kirsten all have the same stylist- Leith Clark, who is amazing and has wonderful taste. She's the editor in chief of Lula, I would love to work for her!
As far as icons go, I consider Cate Blanchett the best actress of her generation, as well as an up and coming style icon. She can really dress in a classic Hollywood style with a modern edge. As far as Hollywood icons of the past- I love Hitchcock Blondes like Tippi Hedren, Eva Marie Saint and Kim Novak. Also, Vivian Leigh was pretty amazing.

images: weheartit

Describe your perfect day...

This would probably involve shopping of some kind! Also, reading a new issue of Vogue and eating dinner and dessert with friends at one of my favourite restaurants like Tea & Sympathy in New York. Or, watching a really good film or play...and doing something that involves performing! Or spending time with my yorkie, Roxy. I'm obsessed with her!

image: Jaclyn Bethany
Jaclyn's beautiful and nostalgic blog featuring lots of Audrey Hepburn & Grace Kelly inspired beauties as well as gorgeous updates for the boutique can be found here AUDREY GRACE BOUTIQUE, it's a lovely read ♥ 
Lovely blogs featuring illustrations & interviews for Audrey Grace Boutique


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