Thursday, 25 November 2010


it's that time again but this round it's gonna be a CHRISTMAS swap! that doesn't necessarily mean you have to send everything with a christmas theme but it would probably be very well received if there was something a little christmassy in this month's swap! this will be the last one now until the new year because i know it gets super busy during December and i haven't even started my Christmas shopping yet because i have no pennies!

so here's how it works:

you can send anything you like- with a focus on illustration so you might want to pop in cards, prints, postcards, badges, buttons etc with your lovely illustrations on them. a little bit of variety is always nice to see so i like to pop in things like tea, handmade papers, jewellery, stickers, pencils, notebooks, ribbon, handmade envelopes, sweets! all these packages will be super lovely anyway so go with what you'd like to send! then when you've gathered all your pretties you just package it all up in a little parcel that you've decorated in any way you like & pop it in the post to your assigned partner- which i shall sort out for you all and email you after the sign up date ends which is 2nd december!

you will be emailed by friday 3rd december and all packages must be sent out by friday 10th december
(anyone sending overseas must definitely do it by the friday 10th december as it's the last day to get post there by Christmas)

if you could leave your name, website (twitter, blog, shop etc), email address, location, things you like (what you'd maybe like to receive in your pretty package), and whether you'd like to send over seas to far away lands in the comments that would be super!

happy swapping lovelies!


Bella said...

I'd most definitely like to be a part of this AGAIN please....loved it last time...had the perfect swap buddy.

Name: Bella
Twitter: bella_lovebird
Location: Buckinghamshire

I would love to post to someone in a far off land....and I would be interested to receive postcards, badges, things made of paper, pretty, lovely, feminine goodies....


Catherine Palairet Stone said...

me please!

Catherine Palairet



anything pretty is welcome :)

probably prefer it to be in the UK, in case royal mail plays up :)

hannah said...

can i play too? :)

name: hannah clarke
twitter: ohhHEC
website: (soon to be
location: west yorkshire.

i'd like anything! sharing and swapping is my favourite.
thank you xx

Daisy Roo said...

Hello! I would love to get involved, sounds fun ^_^*

Name: Gemma (aka Daisy Roo)
Twitter: vintage_twinkle
Location: Yorkshire

I love quirky, vintage and retro things, I like baking cupcakes and love my doggy related is good. Badges and brooches too! I love hand drawn illustration in can't wait!!! Anything someone has taken time on will be well received!

Depends how far away! hehe...I'd probably prefer the UK as it would be good to network.

Jenny said...

Hi Natasha, I'd like to do this again too:

name: jenny lloyd
twitter: @jennyariane
location: ireland

I will post anywhere and I really really really like everything.

andrea said...

I'm so in!!!
andreaypich [at] gmail[dot]com

i like old stuff, papers, photography and lots of random stuff. I think a good way to know what your partner likes is looking at her blog/flickr faves/etsy faves!

I'll ship anywhere. Within Europe would be nicer, but I really don't mind :)

DeeAndrews said...

Hello! I'd love to take part in this again! I had the perfect swap partner!!

Name: Dee Andrews
Twitter: DeeAndrews
Location: Kent

Anything pretty/cool/interesting!

I don't mind posting to far-away lands!

Dee xxx

Kayleigh Bluck said...

Please include me as usual Natasha! Wouldn't miss it for the world :)

location: Northampton
twitter: @illustratingkay

I like pretty, girly, vintage, handmade things - and cats :D

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