Sunday, 3 October 2010

don't go weekend, stay please

tea & toast in bed. rain. Nigella. ebony tops. roast chicken. damp hair. eclipse soundtrack. drawing. wish weekends lasted.


andrea said...

Wuthering heights is one of my favourite books :)

Kerri-Ann said...

I love the Eclipse Soundtrack, can't wait to hear the Breaking Dawn one. The songs for all the films have been pretty good!

Tigerlilly Quinn said...

Love that qoute! Hope your ok love xoxo

curethisheart said...

andrea- an excellent choice my dear! x x

kerri-ann- the eclipse soundtrack is amazing!! i have it on repeat all the time, in fact that & quite a lot of film soundtracks lately- whip it, the runaways, topgun! ha! right looking forward to the breaking dawn soundtrack too! >_< x x

fritha- it's a great quote, i love the fact that kirsten dunst says it too & it makes so much sense. i'm alright yeah just working a lot, missing illustrating & twitter! hope you're good too lovely! x x

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