Wednesday, 6 October 2010

cheers lovelies!

things that have been keeping me happy this week ( and it's only wednesday!) have been the Whip It soundtrack, David Bowie, Kate Nash, Nigella Lawson, Grand Designs, Charlie & Lola, phone calls to my bestest best Kimberley, super lovely twitterers Kayleigh, Abby & Fritha, tea (ahhh see I never forget what's important!) phone calls home, silly ones to my lovely sister where we talk about even sillier things like the square root of Bruce Willis & the Inbetweeners- she's obsessed- not me! ooh and my lovely boyfriend Matt & being silly together. if you are silly things are better!

1 comment:

Abby Illustration said...

These sound like things that make me happy too! :)

Especially silliness with my sister and extra lovely silliness with my boyfriend! :) and of course you lovely ladies!! And Grand Designs :D

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