Friday, 28 May 2010

the lovely honey huckabee ♥

hello all! i really have been meaning to do this so much sooner but with being ill and finishing university just haven't got round to it & my internet is the slowest in the world! but anyhoo, i wanted to mention the lovely honey.huckabee who produces these beautiful, soft images. i've loved her work for some time now because it draws our attention to the everyday objects that are actually really really beautiful. above are some of my favourites, i love them all and it was difficult to pick the ones to pop on here! she was kind enough to mention me in her own blog and i wanted to share her lovely work with everyone ♥
honey.hucakbee's blog
honey.hucakbee's shop
honey.huckabee's flickr
{all images are copyright honey.huckabee}

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