Tuesday, 30 March 2010

lovely spaces to do lovely work ♥

these are just so bloody lovely! they are on design*sponge & are so inspirational! the first is really simple so i can see it being a tidy & functional place. the others, the pink ones i can see as kind of what my space would be like if it were organised & tidy! i could really see myself working hard in that environment!
so we went to ikea to find inspiration for our flat. found the perfect desk, i desperately need a BIG desk, it is one of the main things i have been missing all my time at uni, which isn't really good, there's one in the studio but one at home is really where i work and where i'd use it & find it most useful! ooh and pink chair! & lots of other lovelies. i will post the pictures when i charge my phone, i was snapping like a tourist! ♥


Saskatoon said...

Ooo, they look amazing!

Loving the blog - check mine out if you'd like...


x x x

hapi-ness said...

i can't see your text tash face XD!! x

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