Thursday, 23 July 2009

rosy hair♥

can't wait until tomorrow because i really want to get one of these gorgeous fancy wearables from the theblackapple {website is on the right----------------------------------------------->}

am off for a lovely afternoon bubble bath & will be smothering my hair with the last bottle of rose herbal essences conditioner. i really don't like the new pink one that's replaced it in those new shaped bottles, much prefer the old ones. it's lovely when i've tinted my hair pink too because then it smells as nice as the colour♥ miss the rose shampoo too :( something {hopefully} i'll never run out of is rosy lips with the help of the little pink vaseline tin♥

1 comment:

Lightning Heart said...

ohh i haven't seen that pink tin of vaseline before, i'll have to keep my eyes out for it :)

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