Saturday, 6 June 2009

♥ pink unicorns, fawns and tshirts ♥

i really loove this liza corbett tshirt, it's one of my favourite colours {white} & cuts with gorgeous peachy pink& i'd wear it with the pastel pink topshop cardigan up at the top! i'll have to save up for one over summer. this is shaping up to be a pink post, which happens alot. oh well, loveliness!

I'd love to have a go at making some of these cute pink rose flavour macaroons!

I've been drawing like I did when I was a little girl, making things up & using pink! It's fun to draw this way.
this is a quick drawing i did of a vintage trinket box i bought from the affordable vintage fair in lincoln
cute fawns & vintage teal diamonds
these are all added to my flick along with a few more

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