Tuesday, 4 November 2008

♥ i can't get no sleep ♥

♥ i cannot sleep tonight, or should i say this morning it's been a very long day. i feel like am jet lagged, i think the only way to break out of it is to stay up until late afternoon tomorrow and then sleep and get up early again on thursday morning. i could go to sleep now but am too awake. even though i feel i should fall asleep. ♥ i'm working on some fawn pictures at the moment and getting some ideas together for a presentation in a fortnight. ♥ i took a walk today and it smelt like fireworks, we we're given a lollipop which reinstigated the nostalgic feeling of halloween and my regret that i didn't stay up all night on the 31st october and watch classic horror films. i mean i did watch films of the horror genre on halloween week, one being the orphanage.
♥ oooh the mighty boosh live in only a few days!
♥ EDIT: waiting to see the mighty boosh

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Strawberry_Lemonade said...

I've seen The Ophanage. Such a sad film, i felt drained by the end of it!

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