Monday, 27 October 2008

♥ monday ♥

I didn't make any drawings today because I was preoccupied with being ill. I stayed in bed til late this morning, the light was still left on so I must have been tired- I never sleep with the light on. I need another big bottle of botanical strawberry and aloe vera spring water, it was probably the best thing I've bought this past week. I still have some left, can't bring myself to throw it away.

♥ I watched Hallam Foe this morning, it was weird and I especially hated the whimsical little title animation where the little bird starts eating up all sorts of nasty little things. I didn't like that. I found some more pearl earrings today though which made up for it. I'm going to order some more tea- some english breakfast tea. I had earl grey earlier while I was waiting in the chair that I can't curl up in.
I have my new brief which I haven't really looked over yet, but it doesn't seem that complicated. Matt bought me a lovely hello kitty with a pink dress and pink bow I've wanted for a while now. And he gave it me this afternoon. That cheered me up. Ness gave me a lovely tin sign that says 'Cheer Up Honey Pie' I keep smiling everytime I look at it- it's magic, it really works! I need those kinds of little things in my life, they mean alot to me.

♥ old fools project illustration ♥ twenty tiny fingers illustration ♥ jollity farm illustration
♥ I hate living here right now- I want to take Matt and move out to somewhere that has a bath and sash windows. That's all. And a little study to do my work in at a proper desk. That would be good. The computer is a monster it takes over and I just can't cope with a little tv table anymore.
♥ I'd really like to sleep in this tonight

♥ And then slip these shoes on and do the housework tomorrow morning

♥ but i can't stand in heels

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