Thursday, 23 October 2008

♥ iridescent sparkles

Since being quite poorly I thought I'd post some things that have cheered me up these past few days. Tuesday night I watched My Bluberry Nights with Matt in the flat all wrapped up and then we had some leftover chocolate torte- yes I know it wasn't blueberry pie and homemade vanilla icecream but it did sort of fit in with the theme. I liked the soundtrack so maybe I'll buy it in January when I have enough money.

This is a sample of one of the shirts I've been wanting to get from Norwich when I go again, to wear with some comfy black jeans that I already have and it'd be perfect as there's no loose sleeves to get in the way of drawing and making things as I do this everyday. Artbox have got some gorgeous stuff on their website and there's a little shop up Steep Hill that sells all these little artbox nicknacks and other lovely little things that prove hard to find. It has a little blue door and blue windows and Me and Ness can't resist popping in there to have a little peak whenever we have a spare five minutes ( or in our case a spare afternoon!) I'm in the middle of designing a sublte little card to congratulate Ness on moving to a new house and being all lovely and grown up.

It's breaking my heart that there's so many pretty dresses at the Topshop online sale and they're only size 6 or 8 or worse Out Of Stock, three little words I hate. They make me all tearful. I don't think am gonna post any now that I like. Shoes, perhaps? Shoes are a safe option but all the ones that fit as the magic slipper seem to disappear from sight too- I think I should maybe order some Irregular Choice ones in the New Year and that shall be my New Year's resolution- to walk in heels! To grin and bear it! However ridiculous that may sound. There were some beautiful Cinderella glass slippers I found on a fancy dress website- quite cheap, but decent for a night out when I want to feel all princessy, like am in fairytale. It's a healthy medicine.

Films of the moment that have been helping me get through being all tucked up in bed and sniffly are: The Little Mermaid- that has been a strong favorite since I was very little, I love it, it never ceases to disappoint me.

Ever After- this is such a lovely film, but it's an acceptable fairytale that dips in to Cinderella but because you've got the lovely Drew Barrymore it seems abit more grown up and you don't have to come up with excuses like why you wish you were there and wearing that fantastical ball gown with all that lovely iridescent glitter.

To try and get my sense of smell back I bought a nice little pot of solid fragrance called American Cream from my local Lush shop- I couldn't resist! It's just a little vanilla dream all whipped up in a pot and I have the conditioner! Ohhh smells gorgeous! It makes me feel so much better.

♥ handed in the biotechnology illustration yesterday. it's a book of fawn girls but didn't turn out like i wanted. redo natasha!

♥ could do with another night out, but want ness to come too :(

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